Bike Works Kona
Aloha! Mahalo for booking service with Bike Works.

Bike Works is a full service Triathlon Shop! We have a large stock of supplies and parts and can handle all your needs, from flat tires to full overhauls.

Arriving Racers: Let us help you with your bike.
  • Fill in your personal information.
  • Select the services that will help you.
  • Complete and Send the form.
  • Ship or bring your bike, as appropriate, to Bike Works, at the address that appears on the next page.

General service requests can be pre-booked no sooner than 72 hours in advance. Service for the 70.3 Ironman or the Ironman World Championships MUST be scheduled at least 7 days prior to the event date.

Please fill this form out as completely as possible.

Note: This form confirms your reservation for bicycle service with Bike Works. Please do not send any payment. You will pay when you pick up your bike.