Rental FAQ

What is provided?:

A helmet or lock are available with rental at no charge. Every rental bike will come with a repair kit (spare tube, tire lever, multi-tool and hand pump).  Road bikes have 2 water bottle cages. Triathlon (TT) and Mountain Bikes have one water bottle cage. Aero bottle systems (front hydration), rear cage systems, computer mounts and electronics are not provided. CO2 inflators are NOT provided.  We can, however, supply CO2 cartridges.

What to bring?:

We do not rent cycling shoes. Please bring the shoes you choose to ride in. We highly recommend you bring your pedals as well. We have many of the most common pedals, but they are lent out in a first come, first serve manner. Bring any items that might make your riding experience better (saddle, cycling shorts, cycling computer, front or rear hydration systems).

What to expect?:

Upon your arrival, we will confirm information from your rental, including confirmation of a signed digital waiver and your preference on a protection plan.  Following initial set-up (we will install your pedals), we will do a quick sizing. If you have measurements, please bring these with you. We will do our best to fit you as accurately as possible. In some circumstances, bike design and component confirmation limit our ability to fit precisely. In this case, some adaptation on your behalf will be needed. When making a reservation, understand that our bikes are subject to change. We guarantee a comparable size and quality of bike that was requested in your reservation. For the most part, the specification (components) of these bikes are as they were, when received from the manufacturer. If you have desire to know about the configuration of these bikes, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

How are rates calculated?:

Rentals are charged in 24 hours segments. Example: If you pick a bike up at noon Monday and return it prior to noon on the following Tuesday, that is a 1 day rental. If you return that same bike after noon on Tuesday, the rental now becomes a 2 day rental. PLEASE NOTE: Your reservation will be available the day you select it to start. You MUST return the bike the day you select the reservation to end!

Limited protection plan (optional):

Damage to rented bikes is the responsibility of the renter. As an option we offer a damage protection plan.

The cost is $5.00 per day, per bike and the following is covered:


    • Damaged up to $100 is covered 100% (this includes tubes!)

    • Damage from $101-400 is covered at 40% of cost of parts and labor.

    • Damage exceeding $401 is covered at 50% of cost of parts and labor.

Booking Information:

Rentals must be picked up at least 1/2 hour before store closing.

Rates are based on a 24 hour rental.

Rental items must be returned on the reservation end date you select.   A reservation holds a bike for the exact dates you select.  If you select a single day use, the rental will be due back that day.  If you desire to have a bike from one day until the next, it MUST be indicated so by selecting those dates on your reservation. You will be asked to enter credit card information to make your reservation. A time of reservation, the full amount will be charged. Please review our refund policy for information regarding cancellations.

NOTE:  Reservations can only be made 90 days prior to the start of the reservation

In order for us to assure we are able to allocate the exact bike you reserve, we have a policy in place that does not allow any reservation to be made earlier than 90 days from the reservation start date.  Please understand, bikes are subject to change, but we will guarantee comparable size and quality.

Rental cancellation policy:

A partial refund can be applied if cancelled in advance.

-With more than 48 hours, 75% of the total will be refunded

-With less than 48 hours, 50% of the total will be refunded

-Failure to notify, 25% of the total will be refunded

-If returned late without prior authorization, an additional $50, plus the daily rate per bike will be applied

Event Rental Policy:

Lavaman Waikoloa and Xterra Hawaii Island: 4 Day minimum rental during race week.
Ironman 70.3 Hawaii: 4 Day minimum rental during race week.
Ironman World Championships: 7 Day minimum rental during race week for advance reservations.
Please remember Bike Works will be closed race day so we will not be able to accept rental returns.
There is a 2 week cancellation policy during race weeks.
Bikes rented at the Kona location MUST be returned to the Kona location.

Store Closures:

January 1st, Lavaman Waikoloa, Easter Sunday, Ironman Hawaii 70.3, July 4th, Xterra Hawaii Island, First Monday of September (Labor Day), Ironman World Championships (October), Thanksgiving (Last Thursday of November), December 24th (closing early), Christmas December 25th, December 31st (closing early)

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